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What is Ellington Financial?
Ellington Financial is a mortgage REIT that invests in a diverse array of financial assets, including residential and commercial mortgage loans, residential and commercial mortgage-backed securities, consumer loans and asset-backed securities backed by consumer loans, collateralized loan obligations, non-mortgage and mortgage-related derivatives, equity investments in loan origination companies, and other strategic investments. Ellington Financial is externally managed and advised by Ellington Financial Management LLC, an affiliate of Ellington Management Group, L.L.C.
What is Ellington Management Group’s relation to Ellington Financial?
Ellington Financial is managed by Ellington Financial Management, an affiliate of Ellington Management Group (“EMG”). EMG is a registered private investment adviser with deep expertise in diversified credit, mortgage, and fixed income markets. Our manager relies on the resources of EMG to support Ellington Financial's operations. For more information on EMG, please visit
What is Ellington Financial’s fiscal year?
Ellington Financial’s fiscal year is January 1 to December 31.
Who is Ellington Financial’s auditor?
Ellington Financial’s auditor is PricewaterhouseCoopers.
Who is Ellington Financial’s legal counsel?
Ellington Financial’s legal counsel is Vinson & Elkins LLP.
How can I receive email alerts from Ellington Financial?
To receive email alerts, click the “For Our Shareholders” link on the homepage and select “Email Alerts” on the top right. Enter your email address and submit. Thank you.
How can I request additional information from Ellington Financial?
You may fill out an information request here on our website or email us at
How can I get tax information on EFC dividends?
The tax treatment of dividends for EFC shareholders can be found by clicking on the appropriate class of common or preferred shares here.
What is the interest rate on the Series E Preferred Stock?
On and after March 30, 2024, dividends on the Series E Preferred Stock will accrue at an annualized rate equal to the sum of: (i) the 3-month Secured Overnight Financing Rate, (ii) 5.664%, and (iii) 0.26161%; and will continue to be paid quarterly.